November 2016: 5-day SDN  Hands-on Training and Certification, November 28 – December 2.

September 2016: SDN Meetup in Melbourne, September 21.

August 2016: SDN Meetup in Sydney: Automation & Management, August 24.

July 2016: SDN Meetup in Melbourne, July 26.

July 2016: New Zealand  SDN Hackathon, July 7.

April 2016: SDN Training and Certification, April 6.

April 2016: SDN Demofest and Hackathon, April 4-5.

March 2016: Sydney Meetup with Dan Pitt, Director of the ONF, March 31.

March 2016: SDN Meetup, Brocade will be sharing with us at UNSW, March 10.

December 2015: The ONF SDN Symposium,  Monday December 14 (flyer).

November 2015:  The HP SDN workshop, Wednesday November 18,  to

October 2015: First SDN meet-up in Brisbane, Wednesday October 7,  to UQ Advanced Engineering, Building 49, 313A, Staff House Rd & Jocks Rd St Lucia QLD 4067

August 2015: Practically Deploying ONOS on to Multi-Campus Networks. Craig Russell of CSIRO will be sharing with us his experience and a few snapshots of working with and deploying the ONOS controller platform to operate Exchange Points.

July 2015: Developing on OpenDaylight: Lessons learned Meetup in UNSW with Vijay Sivaraman and Engineers from Brocade.

June 2015: Deploying a Wide-Area SDN Testbed in Australia  Meetup in Melbourne, with David Wilde and Mark Gregory of AARNET and RMIT respectively, who will be discussing the deployment of a WAN SDN testbed spanning multiple research institutions and universities across Australia.

Press Release:  Coalition Announces Global Breakthrough for Software-Defined Networking

April 2015: Practical SDN for today’s networks, Wednesday 22nd April 6:30pm at Fishburners – Level 1 608 Harris Street.

March 2015: First SDN meet-up in Melbourne with Cisco Live, Thursday March 19  to RMIT Electrical & Computer Engineering, Building 10, Level 8, Room 20, 376 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria

February 2015: February SDN Meetup David Wilde of AARNet will be sharing with us at UNSW, on the 25th February 7pm, G3, Electrical Engineering UNSW.

July 2014: ANZSDN Meetup Presented by Luma Networks in Paddington, Community Event to share our experience and knowledge of SDN

June 2014: SDN/NFV Tutorial by Prof. Raj Jain (video on YouTube)

May 2014: ANZSDN  workshop 2014

Mar 2014: BIG SDN Meet-up Presented by Luma Networks in Paddington, Community Event in order to facilitate the sharing of SDN based knowledge

Oct 2013: SDN workshop at UNSW conducted by Google, CSIRO, and UNSW.

Nov 2012: OpenFlow workshop at UNSW conducted by Google and UNSW.