SDN technology, use-cases, tools/platforms, research, and business-models are evolving rapidly. Here we aim to collate some of this information.

The Australian SDN Test-Bed:

The project to establish a wide-area network test-bed, spanning ten institutions across Australia has a Wiki  here. If you are a member of the project, go to the start-here to find out what to do next. 

SDN Technology and Use-Cases:

  1. This whitepaper by ONF describes the vision behind SDN and how it will impact emerging network architectures.
  2. The ONF also maintains a list of sample case studies of networks that are using SDN.
  3. Scott Shenker, Professor at University of California Berkeley and a pioneer in the SDN area, has given several stimulating talks on SDN. His  2011 talk titled “Future of Networking” argues why SDN is a must, while his 2013 talk titled “SDN at crossroads” describes its merits.

SDN Tools and Platforms:

A fairly comprehensive list of available SDN platforms is maintained by Martin Casado, and can be found here.

SDN Business:

Several analyst reports, corporate reports, whitepapers, and media articles related to SDN can be found at the SDNcentral blog page.

SDN Research and Education:

There are hundreds of SDN research papers in the literature, relating to various domains (platforms, data-centres, core networks, enterprises, etc.). We try to track some categories specific to our research interests here. We hope to produce a more organised survey in the near future!

SDN course-ware is also being developed in many Universities around the world – we intend to put links to these in the near future.

To gain hands-on experience with the SDN architecture for developing network control applications,  mininet tool (i.e. opensource emulation software to launch a virtual network) along with this tutorial would be quite useful to start learning SDN and OpenFlow practically.

SDN Hub is a portal for the community to discuss and share technical content, such as source code, testing tools, orchestration scripts and SDN applications. The collective goal is to foster the community’s adoption of SDN solutions. The page can be found here: