Software Defined Networking (SDN) is rapidly being recognised as a disruptive technology that is going to change the way networks are built and operated. The mission of our Alliance is to foster a community to understand, adapt, and evaluate SDN technology for the Australia New Zealand (ANZ) region. Our specific goals are:

  1. To help organisations develop a strategy for transitioning to SDN,
  2. To ensure alignment with global SDN alliance partners and SDN technology trends,
  3. To establish an SDN test-bed for trialling and testing ideas prior to deployment, and
  4. To develop education and training material that will facilitate the necessary skill base.

We intend to achieve the above goals via workshops to discuss use-cases and platform experiences, test-bed and software development that can be shared across the community, and reports that outline results from evaluations. Target milestones for 2014 include:

  1. An SDN network comprising at least two inter-conncted sites in different states.
  2. A report documenting current experiences with SDN platforms, in particular open-source controllers such as POX, Ryu, and FloodLight.
  3. A scoping study of SDN use-cases and projects that can be tried on the SDN test-bed.

These milestones are preliminary and will be refined as the alliance matures.